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The vision of DICE is to become Africa’s favorite mobile ridesharing platform.


The mission of DICE is to make it easy for any commuter, irrespective of their economic status or literacy level, to book a ridesharing service in their preferred language and at an affordable price with assured peace of mind. And creating economic empowerment for everyone.


As cities in Nigeria and across Africa urbanize and become megacities, numerous app-based ride-sharing startups, including Uber, Bolt, and inDrive, have emerged to provide technology-based transportation services to meet the cities’ growing traffic needs. However, many of these services are still riddled with the very problems of reliability, security, safety, and poor customer service that have afflicted transportation services in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa, including the traditional hailing-based taxi services that they have come to replace. No less disturbing, the app-based ride-sharing services often ignore the actual needs of local people, including price and passenger preferences.


DICE is a mobile transportation service platform that offers differentiated transportation services to meet the needs of local users. In addition to localizing our services to meet your peculiar needs as a Nigerian user, we prioritize your safety, and we take measures to give you a quality-experience guarantee. 

The company intends to offer a full range of mobile technology-based transportation services across major cities in Nigeria, with two algorithms for ride request allotment comprising Standard flow and Bidding flow for taxi booking, such as Quick taxi booking, Intercity trips, Taxi hailing, Selection of vehicle type, In-app chat, In-app calls, Video Call option, Ride cancellation or reschedule, Get fare estimates, Corporate rides, chauffeurs, Book now Schedule later, Book for Someone Else, Fixed & Flexible Fare (Negotiate Price), Emergency Button, Language preferences, Multiple currency options, Multiple Stopover points, Taxi rentals, Taxi pool, Real-time Live tracking rides, Gender based rides, Driver OTP verification, Secured multiple payments, Ratings and Feedback, Referral and DICE Enterprise Solutions such as DICE Delivery Services for foods, goods, and groceries. 

DICE services can be accessible through its website and mobile apps.  Our Platform connects independent third-party transportation, logistics, or courier service providers ("Drivers") with their clients ("Riders"). When passengers request a ride, they negotiate a price or fixed price for the driver's services. Drivers who see the request have the option of accepting the suggested price or making their own offer. The Rider may select a Driver from the list of Drivers who have indicated an interest in accepting the request. When the rider confirms the ride, the Driver and the Rider enter into their own agreement.

The vehicles are driven by their owners following a rigorous selection process (driver age, automobile age and type) and driver background checks. Drivers are required to complete psychometric examinations, alcohol and drug tests, as well as city orientation navigation assessments. In addition to tailoring our services to your specific needs as a user, we value your safety and take steps to ensure that you have a quality experience. The driver has the option to cash out at any time.


DICE prioritizes safety measures by operating a mandatory driver onboarding training program that is renewable at regular intervals through sessions of training courses that are based on the driver's accident-free record. DICE hopes to operate a safety network, which will run as a social network where drivers share safety information and receive comments and ratings from riders. The safety network will serve as a way to build a community and further empower both riders and drivers on the platform.

The DICE app provides the safest rides by allowing users and drivers to easily phone the security control room, send SOS SMS messages to emergency contacts, record audio, share trip details, and even conduct a Live Text discussion with the Admin whenever they believe they are in a life-threatening situation.

The driver recruitment will be done through a rigorous verification and training process. Drivers are required to undergo a criminal background check to ensure their credibility and integrity. The driver onboarding process includes at least a day's training session or orientation of driving rules, local law, and road signs for sensitization. Top emphasis is placed on zero tolerance for alcohol, drug use, or traffic violations. Using the SOS/panic button to disseminate real-time emergency alerts to uniform authorities for quick intervention. Also, using radar to track fleet location and "Share My Location". The drivers are required to be at least 20 years old. There is OTP verification between the driver and rider to ascertain the authenticity of each other.

Localization and Customer Experience

DICE intends to provide ride-sharing services that, unlike existing competitors, are tailored to the market's individual requirements. In order to accommodate a variety of customers, especially those with low incomes, the organization offers a fixed and flexible (bid negotiation) price strategy. The business also places a high value on usability with a straightforward user interface and multilingualism.

DICE also provides a diverse selection of payment options to satisfy the unique needs of everyday consumers, including debit and credit cards, cash payments, mobile wallets, and digital payments via a mobile app.

DICE also provides carpooling services, in which verified members of the same family, friends, or coworkers share the cost of riding. Additionally, it permits school-age children to access their parents' profiles. Similarly, parents monitor their children's commutes via real-time text messaging for safety.

The organization places a high value on providing a good customer experience. The service includes real-time tracking of departure and arrival on predetermined routes. In the event of a signal failure or an abrupt deviation from the intended path lasting longer than sixty seconds, a phone call will be made to the passenger to check on their comfort and safety. It is required of the driver to choose the quickest path to a destination, failing which the corporation will impose penalties.

The Manual Taxi Dispatch would allow users who do not have internet connectivity to quickly request a taxi to take them to their location. The user has the ability to schedule a ride for someone and make later bookings.

Payment Method(s)

Riders can pay for the service with a debit or credit card, cash payment, or mobile wallet. We want to offer two types of customers: corporate and private passengers. Again, the use of smartphone apps will aid in identifying the driver's location to the rider, connecting the rider to the closest driver, and serving as a payment interface.

Apparently, the mobile app should send information to the rider's mobile device, such as the distance, duration, and cost of the ride. The user can select their favorite currencies without having to exchange for local currency to settle bills.

Pricing Model

DICE offers both fixed and variable (bid negotiation) per-kilometer pricing regardless of time, weather, or local events. Consequently, we are maximizing the distance between two points so that, in the event that the driver changes their mind, the rider will only be charged for the actual trip to their current destination. Partners' income is generated by billing journeys and the amount of service delivered.


DICE offers automobiles for rent to corporate and private passengers via a smartphone mobile app and website, reducing riders' difficulties in urban locations, metropolitan areas, and intercity trips. Uber, Bolt, inDrive, and local taxi drivers are among the competitors. The app will allow the rider to select the type of car and items they want, such as the ideal air conditioning temperature, radio station, calling on arrival for pick-up, and multilingual options. Interestingly, it contains two algorithms for ride request allotment in one app: regular flow and bidding flow for taxi booking.

Execution & Marketing

The DICE marketing strategy includes word-of-mouth advertising, electronic media, social media platforms, blogs, bus commercials, street poster adverts, and hand fliers. Our operation hours are flexible, allowing owners and drivers to earn money when they want to. There are other options for ride-later bookings, booking for someone, and manual taxi dispatching.

DICE will send out intermittent reminders to provide advance notice of their arrival. The app is always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing riders to make bookings in advance, and you can use it at any moment to see if there is a car on the map in your area. The completion of a ride to a specific destination, rider happiness, and comments to evaluate the ride and the driver are all used to determine success. DICE will issue a ride report, including the distance, duration, and cost.


This one-of-a-kind transportation service empowers partners economically by allowing them to plan ridesharing in their favorite language at a reasonable cost. Users will be able to hail rides using the DICE app on their smartphones. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. Riders can use the service by paying with cash, a debit or credit card, or a mobile wallet.

The rider requests a ride and specifies the pick-up location. The trip will be accepted by the nearest available driver, and the customer will see the driver's name, photography profile, gender, and automobile data. Once the ride is completed, both the driver and the rider can rate each other. The rider has the option of selecting a favorite driver, whether male or female.

As soon as the driver accepts the ride, the driver and rider can begin chatting until the ride begins. Drivers and riders can also make phone calls to each other via the internet, which hides their phone numbers.

While riding, the user is permitted to visit and hold at different places, such as shops, rest breaks, and restaurants. Taxi rental enables users to schedule fully chauffeured rides for a set length and distance. You can easily book for someone who does not have the application but wants to go on the vacation, such as your family or friends.

The corporate rides will make it easier for brands to develop professional business profiles. All expense reports, trip information, and fare bills are sent to the brand via official email. Corporate clients can save money by tracking each journey instead of spending money on automobiles, vehicle upkeep, paying drivers, gasoline, and so on. As a result, their employees are required to use unique profiles for personal rides.

We are looking for a smooth solution to make payments easy for users while also assisting the driver in receiving money immediately in their wallet. The wallet-to-wallet money transfer is the best choice for transactions. Especially if the users do not have any modifications for the services they have reserved. Users can effortlessly add funds to their wallets using a credit or debit card.

Users who prefer female drivers have the option of selecting gender-based transportation. Users and drivers can contact the app administrator for assistance via the Contact Us tab, read the FAQ, chat online, or examine the business profile (About Us).


DICE is focusing on the middle and low-income segments of society, particularly workers who want to beat rush hour, shoppers, artisans, traders, apprentices, devotees, or students who do not have access to family cars for everyday commuting. The company will provide taxi rental, chauffeuring, carpooling, corporate trips, food and grocery buying, and package delivery.

Our Platform connects independent third-party transportation, logistics, or courier service providers ("Drivers") with their clients ("Passengers"). In exchange for the driver's services, riders negotiate their price or the system can generate fixed price when they hail a trip. When the drivers view the request, they have the option to counteroffer or accept the pricing that has been offered.

The Rider can select a Driver from the list of Drivers who have expressed an interest in accepting the request. When the rider confirms the ride, the Driver and the Rider enter into a separate agreement.

The Rider must pay the Driver the agreed-upon fare via the Platform. This agreed-upon price includes all charges linked with the ride (fees, tolls, levies, taxes, etc.). Dice does not participate and has no bearing on the settlement between the Driver and the Rider.

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