How It Works

Welcome to Dice, where magnificent rides await you...

With relatively simple procedures, you can book a ride with a few taps on your mobile device or from your website and enjoy the services at the tip of your fingers.

This is the fundamental operations of this magnificent solution to assist you when you schedule a ride and are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind experience.

How to request a ride

Please apply these procedure to request a ride in the DICE app after completion of registration.

  • Open your app and enter your Pickup Location and Destination address (optional) in the "Where to" field or manually drag & pin it on the map.
  • The next screen will display all vehicle options available, approximate fare for the trip and Mode of Payment in your area. Select ideal one for your ride, then Click "Request Now" (button will be your vehicle selection).
  • You may be asked to confirm your pickup location. If so, move the pin on the map, or select from a list of locations. Click "Confirm Pickup" to send your request to eligible drivers in the area.
  • Once a driver accepts your request, you'll see the driver name, photograph, vehicle details and estimated time of arrival on the map.
  • User can opt for Taxi Pooling. It will enable the users to share rides.
  • DICE will send you notifications when your driver is close to your pickup location.

Why are prices higher than normal?

When a lot of people in the same area are requesting rides at the same time, trip prices might be higher than normal. This change in price helps to attract more drivers to an area so everyone can get a ride.

If you're requesting a ride during a busy time, you'll see a message in your app to let you know.

You can wait a few minutes while more drivers get on the road, or you can pay a little extra to get a ride when you need it.

When and where is DICE available in my city?

DICE is currently accessible in the cities starting up in Abuja. You can request a ride in any city where DICE operates at any time of day once you have created an account on the platform.

Requesting more than one vehicle

You can only request one vehicle at a time using your rider account. Once your current trip is over, you can request a different vehicle right away.

Car Pool

DICE has options for carpooling. These car options can fit five or more passengers. When requesting a ride for a large group, it's a good idea to specify the car you prefer, get in touch with the driver who accepts your request, and make sure there are enough seats and seat belts for everyone in the vehicle.
Please ask other team members to use their DICE accounts to request additional vehicles if your group is too big for a single vehicle.
It's a terrific idea to invite friends to make their own DICE accounts when you ride in a big group. To begin, choose "Free Rides" from the app's menu. Referred friends will earn you a reward when they take their first ride.

Scheduling a ride in advance


The Scheduled Rides feature allows you to select a 10 minute window for a driver to come pick you up. At the start of the window, the app will send out a ride request on your behalf. You'll get push notifications when you're matched with a driver and when they're nearby, the same as a typical ride.


  • Scheduling a ride in advance doesn't guarantee you'll be connected with a driver.
  • In the rare case you're not connected with a driver, we'll notify you at the end of your pickup window.
  • Dynamic pricing may be in effect at the time of your ride. We'll let you know if your fare has changed.


  • Enter your destination in the "Where to?" field.
  • Select a vehicle option by scrolling through them and clicking on it to make it yours.
  • Click the clock icon next to the "Request [vehicle option]" button.
  • Set the date and time window for your pick up.
  • Click "SET" button.
  • Update your pickup location if necessary, then Click "CONFIRM PICKUP".
  • The user can view Booking Request popup message on the screen, after providing all the details.
  • Click View Bookings to display details of scheduling. The user can reschedule trip if desired.


  • Open the Home screen menu in the DICE app and click "Bookings".
  • Click "Upcoming".
  • Click “Cancel Booking”.
  • Select a reason to Cancel Ride.
  • Click “Yes”.

You have the freedom to withdraw your request at any moment and without incurring any fees before being matched with a driver. Standard cancelation fees apply once a driver accepts your ride request.


You can plan journeys to locations like the airport and other places at any moment. However, it doesn't apply when you're leaving an airport. It is normal to order a ride on-demand when you are leaving an airport.

Accepting a trip Price
Once you request your ride, you've accepted the price shown in the app.
The trip price you're charged may defer if:

  • You make extra stops.
  • You change your destination.
  • The driver waits several minutes at your pickup location.

Requesting a Specific Driver

The DICE app can match you with a specific/favorite driver. The rider has the option to designate the driver as a favorite using the app when they make a ride request. Additionally, the user has the ability to unfavorite any driver at any moment. The rider may select a man or female driver, depending on who is available at that particular time.

Requesting Long Trips

On a trip, DICE does not impose any mileage restrictions. In particular, if it's a charter or an intercity one-way or round-trip excursion, telling us the destination and length of the trip can help us set up the right vehicle for you.

It's courteous to let drivers know if you anticipate a lengthy journey because they frequently have to make the return trip home after arriving at your location. When a trip ends automatically, please request a new ride if you would want to continue. This is a fresh trip request that your prior driver might receive because they are close by.

Riding with Pets

In consideration of local, state and federal laws in your area, service animals are permitted to accompany riders at all times.

It is advisable to get in touch with the driver who accepts your ride request if you intend to travel with a non-service animal. To notify the driver that you would like to bring a pet, use your app to text or call.
Please carry a cage or blanket to lessen the possibility of damage or mess so that drivers can avoid paying for cleaning services and help maintain their cars clean for all passengers.

Selecting a vehicle option for your Ride

Using the DICE app, you can see all vehicle options available in your area before confirming your ride. DICE offers several choices to get you to your destination safely and peace of mind. To select a vehicle option for your ride.

  • Open your app and enter your destination address in the "Where to?" field.
  • Every car option accessible in your area will be shown on the screen. To choose one for your ride, click on it.
  • Click "Confirm Button" (button will be your vehicle selection).
  • Complete your transportation request by following the remaining instructions in the app.

The following may also be displayed alongside the car options, depending on your location.

  • The trip price.
  • The estimated time of arrival.
  • A pop-up message will appear to indicate the status, if driver such as it's busy, meaning prices will be higher than normal or no driver found nearby, please try after some time.

NOTE: You will not be able to modify your vehicle preference once you have requested a ride unless you cancel and request it again.

How do ETAs work?

Your app gives you an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) for when your driver is expected to arrive at the pickup location prior to the start of the trip. An estimated time of arrival (ETA) is provided by your app after your journey has commenced.

Please be aware that ETA timeframes are only estimates and cannot be assured. Numerous outside variables, such as congested traffic or construction on the roads, might affect journey time.
Your app shows a time in the black SET PICKUP LOCATION bar prior to you requesting a ride. This is an estimate of the time it will take for drivers in the area to get to your pickup location.

You can examine the ETA for every vehicle option available in your city by utilizing the slider located at the bottom of your screen. Your app will continuously update the estimated time of arrival for your destination once a travel commences.

Changing your Pickup Location

The app utilizes GPS to recommend the closest pickup place when you request a ride.

If you need a different pickup location:
1. On the map, click the label indicating the pickup location.
2. Input a new address or building.
3. Select a destination from the list that the app suggests.

You can also change your pickup location after you request a ride.

1. Click "dot symbol on the map" next to your pickup location
2. Enter a new address or move your pin inside the grey circle to any point on the map.
3. Select "Confirm" to finish submitting your request.

Your pickup location can only be adjusted inside the circle that appears on your screen, and you will only be allowed to make this change once.
Note: Changing your pickup location is not available on DICE pool.

Contact a Driver

You can use the app to share information about the ride you ordered or to get in touch with the driver regarding a pickup location.

To contact your driver:
1. Click the bar at the bottom of your screen that shows the driver's information.
2. Choose your favorite icons to communicate with or call your driver.

Drivers are not allowed to answer their phones or respond to texts while operating a motor vehicle due to safety concerns.

Cancelling a DICE ride

You can cancel a trip in the DICE app before or after you're matched with a driver.


1. Click Cancel in the Requesting screen
2. Click “Cancel” to continue ride request, or “Confirm” to exit
3. Click "NO" to keep your ride, or "YES" to cancel.


1. Click “X” icon in the bottom of your screen showing your driver's information
2. Select preferred cancel trip option
3. Click "NO" to keep the ride, or "YES" to cancel and accept the fee.

NOTE: If you need to cancel after being paired with a driver, there can be a cost involved. Driver-partners are compensated for their time and effort by these fees for traveling to your area. You may find out more information about your area's cancelation policy.

Please use the "Review my cancellation fee" form to inform us if you think you were incorrectly charged a cancellation fee. This could occur if your driver decided to cancel rather than end the trip, or if they did so because they were unable to get to your pickup spot in time.

Requesting a ride with multiple stops

You can request that your driver make multiple stops when requesting a ride. Here's how:

1. Open the DICE app and click the "Where To?" box
2. Click "+ Add multiple stops" to add up to 3 additional stops
3. Click "DONE" to continue

Stops will be made in the order they're added. To remove a stop, click the "X" next to it.

It is important to keep each stop within three minutes. The Rider will be notified when he/she reached at each Stop Over point and the Driver can mark as “Reached Stop Over Point X” once he has reached each stop over point and will press wait button.

I got a text saying someone ordered me a ride with DICE. What does this mean?

It's possible that someone booked a ride on your behalf if you got a text notification stating that you have a DICE ride coming up. To accept the ride and access your pickup details, simply follow the instructions provided in the text message.

A business ordered you a ride, which you can request at any time on the appointed day (before 11:59 pm) if you received a text message with a link to request a DICE trip. When you're ready to book a ride, click the link in the text message. Reply STOP if you want to stop receiving messages or if you don't need a ride anymore.

How are the tariffs calculated?

Regardless of the time, weather, or local events, the tariffs are determined using a predetermined rate per kilometer. Therefore, independent of a driver's change in route, we are optimizing the distance between two points to guarantee that the ride pays for the actual path to designation.

How can I make payment for the trip?

The rider has three options for paying for the ride: cash, wallet, and debit/credit card.
What mobile devices does DICE support?

The DICE rider and driver apps are available both on iOS and Android devices.

I was involved in an accident

DICE is dedicated to ensuring that all users of its services are safe. If you have an accident, kindly let us know what happened and any information that may assist us support you. We'll get in contact with you right away. In order to protect your health and the health of everyone involved, we also worry about your safety. Notifying the police and rescue team right away is crucial, should it be deemed required.

Review My Fare or Fees

My driver chose a bad route; please let us know here if you have any complaints about the route your driver chose. We will be pleased to examine it. The trip rates are computed taking into account the time and distance traveled as well as any additional applicable fees.

In order to avoid sanctions, the driver is supposed to choose the quickest route to their designated location. Please note that we might not be able to provide a tariff adjustment if there are factors that could affect your route and travel duration (such traffic or road construction).
I covered the cost of my driver's toll or parking: Your fare is increased by the toll amount incurred when the driver's car travels through a toll-collecting region or one where there is a surcharge. If you were charged on your receipt for a toll or parking fee that the driver requested you pay with cash. Please do let us know as soon as possible.

Charge for a cleaning fee

 Drivers keep their cars clean so that passengers can ride in comfort and hygiene. Any incidents involving food spills or vomiting while in transit that cause damage to a vehicle's exterior or interior are the responsibility of the riders. The cost of the cleaning depends on how much damage was done to the car. As a result, the rider will get a trip receipt that is updated. If the cleaning cost you were charged seems unreasonable or wrong. Kindly let us know about it.

Failed Card Payment

After your journey, there could be a number of reasons why you received an email message about a rejected card payment (the exact cause is not disclosed to DICE).

Find a few tips to verify for failed transaction:

  • Your card has expired
  • Your card is activated to do online purchases.
  • You have not gone over your monthly allotment for purchases made online.
  • There are enough available funds on your card to cover the cost of the trip.

To resolve a failed payment, we recommend the following:

  • Reach out to your bank or credit card provider for more information
  • Inform them of the amount and when the trip ended, so they can allow the transaction to process.
  • When you receive confirmation that the transaction can be re-attempted, open the app and tap on Payment Options
  • Select the card that is active and has sufficient funds
  • If you still experience issues, please contact our Support Team via the app.


  • It is not possible for you to make a travel request until the unsuccessful payment has been resolved.
  • In the event of any unusual or suspected fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to block your card in order to safeguard your identity and funds.

Trip Cancellation

We acknowledge that there may be circumstances in which you must cancel your request. Please be aware that there may be circumstances in which a cancellation fee applies. In order to reimburse drivers for their time and travel expenses in the event that a trip is canceled, cancellation fees have been put in place.

There are cancellation costs in the following circumstances:

  • You cancel a trip request four minutes after the driver accepts it and starts to head to the designated pickup spot.
  • After arriving at the pickup location and waiting for you for four minutes, the driver cancels the order.
  • The app has the cancellation fee amounts broken down by category. All you have to do is pick a category and click the information symbol next to its name.

How to check if you were charged a cancellation fee?

If there is a cost associated with canceling a trip:

  • When you cancel your travel request through the app, you will receive a notification. You have the option to take this trip and wait for the driver to come, or you can accept the cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation fee amount that you were charged will be included in an invoice that you get at the email address you provided in the app.
  • If you cancel your request within 4 minutes of the driver accepting it, or if the driver cancels without waiting for you for at least 4 minutes, you won't be charged a cancellation fee.

Note: It is possible to confuse the permission charge with the cancelation fee. The authorization serves as a short-term hold on your card's validity during card verification. This outstanding charge is reimbursed either right away or in a few working days.

It was the authorization fee, not a cancellation fee if

  • When you cancel a ride, you haven't received a notification from the app regarding the cancellation cost.
  • The trip fee is not visible when viewing the canceled order in your ride history on the app.

Please use the app to get in touch with our Customer Care staff if you have any issues or feel that the cancellation fee was applied to you unfairly.

I can’t find my receipt

Please check your spam folder if you are unable to locate the receipt in your inbox. Verify in your profile that the email address you gave is accurate if there isn't a receipt in the spam folder either. If necessary, you can update your profile's email address and try emailing the receipt again.

Why was my payment declined?

You won't be able to hail a ride until you update your payment method if you see this problem message in the app:

  • The card was rejected or the request was unsuccessful.
  • The payment method you are using is not valid. Kindly make sure your billing settings are updated.
  • The request you made was not processed properly.

If your payment method was rejected for any of the following reasons, you can update it or add a new one under the Payment section of the app menu:

  • You entered the wrong card number.
  • The card (debit or credit) has expired.
  • The account has insufficient funds.

Update a payment method on your account

  • You may need to contact your bank in the following situations:
  • You have not allowed foreign transactions while traveling overseas.
  • The bank declined the DICE charge on the grounds of fraud.
  • You have surpassed the withdrawal threshold specified on your account.
  • You have reported your card as lost or stolen.

Please let the customer care team know your thoughts if none of these problems apply to you.

In App Wallet Management

Users can fund their wallets and use them to pay for their travel expenses. The Administrator may receive the commission from Service Providers by using their Wallet Amount. Therefore, paying for the service they have utilized with their card is simple and straightforward.

  • Selecting "My Wallet" from the Payment options after tapping on the "Wallet" option from the "Account" icon.
  • To add money, simply tap "Add Money." A popup window will appear.
  • The user can type or choose the required amount.
  • Once you click "Done," money will be added to the user's wallet.
  • The wallet amount is adjusted from the total amount when the order is placed.
  • The wallet balance will be reduced by N100.00 if the ordered amount is N100.00 and the wallet balance is N100.00.
  • The user has the option to pay with cash if there is not enough money in their wallet.
How long does it take to get a refund?

Dice does not provide cash refunds for failed transaction. A refund may take up to 7 business days to be received from receipt of your request in writing for a refund. If more time has elapsed and you have yet to receive your refund, please contact us via email at support@dice.com.ng.

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